Area Purchase Tenders

Material Procurement
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Tender notice Name of the work Enquiry Date Closing Date


BH116O0195    Transportation of coal from KTK-1,2,5 & 6 to GDK 1 CHP RG.1 under Unit Rate System for a period of One month    6-Dec-2016    9-Dec-2016   


Enq-BP116O0148, Dt:02.12.2016    Transportation of Coal from DORLI OCP-I Project to Singareni Hired Railway Siding at Rebbena (Global Wharf Loading Platform) on Weight basis for a period of Two (2) months Under Unit Rate System    2-Dec-2016    9-Dec-2016   


MM116O0160    Providing of 2WD Jeeps and 3T Platform Trucks on hire basis under unit rate System for use at Depts., MM Area    3-Dec-2016    28-Dec-2016   
MM116O0161    Providing of Barber services under Unit rate system at Area Hospital, RKP, MM Area.    3-Dec-2016    28-Dec-2016   


SR116O0155    Supply of BAMBOO THATTIES for all mines of SRP Area    5-Dec-2016    28-Dec-2016   

Area:  2x600MW STPP

ST116O0058    Lifting and transportation of fallen ash from ESP at STPP, Jaipur, Mancherial    18-Nov-2016    9-Dec-2016   
ST116P0062    Supply of Toothed hammers to STPP, JAIPUR, Mancherial, Telangana.    29-Nov-2016    13-Dec-2016   
ST116O0053    Supply of 1.0 M dia butterfly valves & Flanges to STPP, Jaipur, Mancherial    20-Oct-2016    15-Dec-2016   
ST216O0060    Refilling of Hydrogen gas and Carbon dioxide gas in the cylinders provided by Singareni Thermal Power Plant for a period of six months    25-Nov-2016    15-Dec-2016   
ST116O0061    Supply of H 320 Adapter sleeve and SNA 520 TA plummer block to STPP, Jaipur, Mancherial,Telangana    26-Nov-2016    15-Dec-2016   
1500000640    Supply of cardan shaft assembly for Vibrating Screen Feeder at STPP, JAIPUR, Mancherial, Telangana    7-Dec-2016    21-Dec-2016